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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

New decade, new look? Cut through the endless blogs and articles with your friendly New Westminster salon, where hair experts dish out advice that you might actually be able to adopt without a bevvy of stylists to hand.

It’s true that hair trends spread like wildfire. From catwalks in Paris to hair salons in New Westminster, the trends making waves in 2020 are a surprising blend of contemporary and throwback.

You’ll see nods to the ’70s, and even style trends from the early 2000’s making their presence felt. So grab your Tamagotchi, throw on your favourite Carole King record and grab your double denim for the creative inspiration you’ll need during your hair reinvention.

The Shag Hairstyle

That 70’s look.

Selena Gomez was already spotted breaking ground with this versatile throwback style that feels oh-so-summer-of-76. The 70s always had a rough ride of it in the nostalgia stakes, but 2020 is the year that the shag will have us screaming “Mamma Mia!”.

Perfect for rounder face styles, the shag can actually be layered and cut to any face shape or style, making it an all-round winner, regardless of age.

By switching it up with darker tones, Gomez redefines her previous flirtations with the shag to a stricter throwback that still manages to feel contemporary.

You might have seen this on Selena Gomez, and Raven Hausman, Hair Expert at Zoom Hair Studio in New Westminster

Red Hair 

In 2020, reds have more fun.

Karen Gillian’s hair has already made waves since the Scottish actress starred in Jumanji, but red hair is more than a symbol of Celtic heritage—it’s a master of versatility.

From a sharp bob to a wavy shoulder-length, red hair cuts through and stands out, and as for 2020? It will be the biggest moment for red hair since Nicole Kidman demonstrated it’s lustre in Moulin Rouge.

To really make a statement, max up the brightness and go for a Sydney Bristow Zoom Hair red for that early 2000’s throwback that demands a second look.

Textured Box Bob Hair

2019’s hottest hair trend, the bob, is back and better than ever in 2020.

This year’s version is a textured bob with a strong boxy style, refined with a fringe or middle part.  The textured box bob is one that brings strong artistic flair without sacrificing femininity. But kiss Amelie goodbye—adding texture to this look ensures the box bob is transformed into something you’ll see outside of art schools and design offices. 

You might have seen this on Kris Jenner

Blended Balayage Hairstyle

In past years, the ombre-balayage was a strong balance between dark and shade, but with 2020, things are becoming beachier, blurring the lines between shades by turning the dial down on the contrast.

That means either singularly lighter or darker balayage depending because remember, a balayage can be for any colour. Kiss goodbye to the strong, chunky highlights in your balayage and embrace the soft, primer-blurred style of a blended balayage. 

Balayages require aftercare. At Zoom, we offer numerous products from Kevin Murphy and Davines that help to keep a balayage looking it’s very best. An Olaplex treatment may also be on the docket if your hair needs restoration from previous colouring.

Pastel Hair

Pastels burst onto the scene in 2019, and they aren’t done with our hair yet. Gorgeous faded pinks, low-pigment lavenders, and muted baby blues are a display of playful fun that’ll turn heads no matter the season. 

What’s more, these styles are no longer just for Instagram influencers; a pastel twist can refresh any working mom’s style or give a glimmer to silver hair that will have everyone chartreuse with envy.

Top Tip: A pastel look will almost always require some hair-priming to ensure the base colour is light enough that pastels can ‘hold’, especially for darker hair.

Results can be enhanced and elongated with the right after-care product. Ask your Zoom Hair expert for more advice.

Beautiful Brunettes

As far as hair trends for 2020 go, some are bolder than others, but who can resist the warm hug of a stunning brunette? Brunettes will continue to have their moment in 2020, evolving with honey hues and deeper tones that go well with some of the throw-back moments of the Selena Gomez shag or the textured box-bob.

For brunettes, subtle variations in tone and highlight can add an extra pop, bringing the ‘expensive look’ sported by stars like Jennifer Garner that are effortless to maintain with colour locking shampoos from Davines.

Bleach blondes

One of the most discussed hairstyles of the season is Celine Dion’s stunning bob, which has transformed her look ahead of a world tour.

What makes Celine’s bob so special is not just the clean lines of the cut, but the ice-white highlights that keep her hair as avant-garde as she is. A solid example of how icy white blondes are going to take centre stage in 2020, an icy blonde is also great for a woman who’s grey roots are shining through, as they are more easily blended with whites and greys.

Top Tip: With an icy blonde, you’ll need to look at highlights and a base colour shift to allow for the colour to sit.

No ammonia colour is a great solution for someone sensitive to the chemicals in hair colour, and we use Kevin Murphy and Davines hair colour to reduce the risks from colouring your hair.

Soft A-line bobs

Come through, soft a-line bobs! The style trend that just keeps giving, the a-line bob continues to ride a wave of popularity, sported by everyone from Taylor Swift to Queen B herself, the sharp cuts of the current a-line bob will soften slightly to a softer, more tousled style.  Already trending from Jenna Dewan, the a-line bob’s dialect is west-coast chic, perfect for those beachy Vancouver evenings by the fire. 

The soft, a-line bob requires a little maintenance to keep the length feeling right. Be prepped for more regular salon visits if you choose this cut…but it’s SO worth it.

Layered Pixie

Last, but not least, the pixie cut is switching it up with a layered style in 2020. This one is for the bold amongst us.

Ruby Rose and Ginnifer Goodwin have rocked this look, and proven that the layered pixie can be the perfect interplay between soft feminine feathering, and strong masculine shaping. This look challenges conventions to stand out, awakening your inner badass in an easy, low maintenance style. A girl on the go? The tousled, layered pixie is your new best friend. 

To achieve this style, you’ll need a hair expert who knows how to correctly measure hair to the length of one’s face. A surprising amount of hair science goes into this look, so book with a hair expert now. 

So that’s it. A list of fresh looks to get your creative juices flowing. Of course, you can always give us a bell or book in with your favourite hair expert.

New to Zoom? We pair you with a hair expert who can advise on which style might work for you, or work with you on your pre-defined specifications to make sure whatever style you choose gets maximum mileage. So get in touch today!

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