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You got rave reviews at the office party, your girls can't get over THAT selfie, and your little ones keep making comments that confirm it—that great hair truly transforms the way we feel.


That's why it's essential to make your hair a unique expression of who you are.

With decades of award-winning experience nurtured by ongoing learning from the celebrated. Sassoon Academy, our hair experts are equipped to provide stunning, bespoke looks with zero-fuss.


Our ethos is clear; be bold, be kind, and to be different—and it's reflected in everything we do here in the heart of eclectic New Westminster.


Taking pride in our artistic creativity, we are equally renowned for our bold styles as we are for our subtle looks.


We listen to your independent style voice to achieve anything from a stunning natural balayage to a traffic-stopping neon bob.

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A trip to the salon should be a safe space, one where you feel heard. That’s why our hair experts act as your partners in style, on-hand to consult and help better understand your hair in it’s past, present and future forms.

Working closely together with you, we produce hair stories that are both eye-catching and unique, with results and hair education that keep on delivering long after that salon-day blowout.


Discover an astonishing  an astonishing range of eco-friendly products from Kevin Murphy and Davines here, in our Green Circle Certified Salon, where we don't believe in waste.

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