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Add on treatments for true value

Salon service should be an end-to-end pampering, not a quick stop off to top up your look. So why not treat yourself and add on transformative hair treatment to your service? Treatments as standalone services run at $40 per service, but when combined with another service they are $25 as an add-on.

From the Kevin Murphy Treat.Me range, we have four available treatments for clients. This doesn’t include our Olaplex treatments for coloured hair.

All treatments are applied with the Elixir Flacon to strengthen the intensity, applying powerful antioxidants and AHAs to halt oxidation.

The STRENGTH CRUET Uses targeted essential Amino Acids to restore strength, thickness, and elasticity to the hair. Soy Protein increases the ability of the hair to bind moisture. Compositions of Vegetable Proteins are similar to the structure of the hair and will absorb easily to create radiant, strengthened and luminous results.

The THICKENING CRUET Uses fruit stem cells to stimulate growth and offer an anti-aging effect, with Nettle Extract, Moringa Seed Oil and Yucca work as powerful anti-oxidants and offer an anti-inflammatory, luster building effect. Protein derivatives add strength to the hair and anti-DHT functionality ensures the hair stays in its growth phase for longer.

The MOISTURE TREATMENT Contains plant extracts such as Moringa Oil that releases over 26 Amino Acids involved in the building blocks of hair. Gardenia Extracts soften the hair and Mongongo Oil derived from the deepest regions of Africa offer excellent hydrating, regenerating and restructuring benefits.

The ANTI-AGING TREATMENT Extracts from Lotus Flower and Orchid renew youthful luster and shine to dry, brittle hair. The antioxidant and reparative properties in Baobab Seed Oil help to rejuvenate hair, increase shine and improve hair tone and elasticity. Fruit Stem Cells help to repair and restore damaged hair follicles, promoting new hair growth. 

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